Jan 08 2022

What the fuck is this OWO

What is owo?

OWO is the abbreviation for "oral without a condom". Much in demand and sought after by customers as an elimination factor to hire their escort.
For those looking for ads for escorts, knowing the specifics of the girl to call is very important for your full male orgasm.
Even when we talk about female sexual desire, women also love to suck and play with the glans before penetration and also get very excited and extremely wet.

What are the risks of oral without a condom?

Yes, there are... And you have to be careful...
When you practice oral sex for foreplay, you have to pay attention to your partner.

Ideally, you and your partner should always be tested for sexually transmitted infections, but we know it's unlikely to have this every day.
There is a risk of becoming infected with Herpes, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HPV, HIV among others. So Protect Yourself!

Is it legal to offer unsecured services?

In some Northern European countries, escort websites do not accept to offer unsecured services on their platforms.

When we talk about Prostitution in Portugal, it is a little explored subject, and each escort girl must have common sense, take care of herself and the others involved, either professionally or at home.

How can OWO not be a problem?

One of the solutions would be a good erotic massage, good foreplay, from the phone call to the arrival of the client, you can talk and act in a seductive way to feed desires and fetishes, and thus break the ice and nervousness.
So... Enjoy!!!